wow… look at all the dust! lol

I cant believe this old thing is still here. well iI think its time I dusted off the cob webs and breathe back the life into this dusty old thing lol. I’ve been so terrible at keep journals in the past, but i feel like what ive lost through my incapability of keeping a blog is how to have a dialogue with myself. ive stopped talking. I’ve stop being introspective. I’ve stopped looking at the stars and marveling at the mysteries… and as i realize this i think about how conscious i have been of feeling lonely and bereft of purpose, living a meaningless life …., did it begin with the atrophy of my monologue?

I’ve lost my way and I know this. I am searching to establish my roots and yet I can not settle on ground.  I’ve come so far… I’ve run so far… the two sides of every story, the two sides of the same coin, the two perspectives that see something entirely different. this has been my life. this has been my story.

So to find myself I begin by starting some new habits. good habits show, resilience, fortitude, and determination, and by exercising this our core becomes stronger and more capable.

To summarize my ramblings I’ll say I plan to post once a day. even if its merely a photograph of screen capture.

here set sail the starship joules…..

yeah for useful procrastination!!

today i am getting lots done! did my dishes, unpacked loads of boxes ; ) i have the clone wars going on in the back ground. and i am attempting to motivate myself to do some laundry. lol not too successfully. stopped to do a quick 20 min sketch of Yoda. What do you think?

Do or Do Not. There is no Try.